The program will include practical workshops, skill sharing, presentations, tours and exploration of local environment. We believe strongly in participant driven learning and encourage all who join the meeting to share knowledge with the project community. There will be time to share our own projects during the gathering days. We also want to place priority on participant led workshops.

To include your own topics and workshops please email. A more detailed time plan will follow. Some topics already included in the program are:

Permaculture and bio-dynamic farming as sustainable alternatives for food production.

European food production, seed politics, agriculture and its impacts on local ecosystems (a special focus on forested land and waterways)

Biodiversity education and its effect in the fight against climate change (with a focus to developing tools for local peer education programs)

Building connections between groups working with respect to nature, within the field of biodiversity, environment and sustainability.

Practical knowledge of how to set up and care for a productive and sustainable vegetable and herb garden

Local and responsible wild-life observation; including beaver colony site, bee keeping, bird life… by foot, bicycle and canoe.

Construction of eco-friendly infrastructure; rainwater recycling, composting, soil renewal, waste reduction.

Development of awareness and facilitation of group processes as well as inclusive horizontal organising, enhanced language, translation and communication skills

Strengthen skills in preparing presentations and/or workshops, as well as in public speaking.

Learn how to set up inclusive campaigns and education programs for local youth around the environment, sustainability and biodiversity.