Project Partners

In organising this gathering Kinderferien- und Tagungshaus Wernsdorf are working with four different partner groups: PIM (Nature and Youth) based in Russia, Memfarado in Austria, Gluiseacht in Ireland and MOO in France.

PIM: Murmansk regional youth environmental NGO „Nature and Youth“ PIM was established in December 1996 to bring together youth to deal with and educate about local environmental problems. The organization has offices in Murmansk, Monchegorsk, Apatity, Kirovsk, as well as an office in the city of Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region). PIM is the biggest environmental youth organization in the region, its basis are local youth, university and school students from the neighbouring rural regions. PIM has worked for almost 18 years in youth education, specializing in introducing local youth to the abundant natural resources located around Murmansk and finding ways to protect them.

Memfarado: meaning DIY, Memfrado sees itself as a platform for the initiation, the support and the networking of social projects and movements, on local as well as transnational scale. They see themselves as an organic network and are open to all interested persons, who identify with their aims and ideas. Memfarado’s aim is to support (and set up) structures that function apart from principles like competition, profit maximization, individualization and exploitation of nature and humans. Memfarado support projects and campaigns which seek a social-ecological and political-economical change.

Gluaiseacht: A non-hierarchical environmental and social justice movement forming a diverse and inclusive campaign and skills network of individuals who share the same vision of a truly democratic and sustainable society. The network brings together grassroots organisations, concerned individuals and youth groups from all over Ireland to raise awareness and find practical solutions to social, environmental and political issues. They are also a member of the Irish Environmental Network. Recent Gluaiseacht activities included the promotion of clean waterways and renewable energy, food sovereignty and increasing the voices of agricultural producers.

MOO: made up of a group of young innovators located in Picardie (a region in Northern France). MOO are active in designing, building and promoting the use of ecological and renewable materials for product design. With the MOO Mobile Market Wagon concept, local regional farmers outside Paris have an environmentally friendly, affordable and easy to use alternative to motor transport. Any ordinary bicycle can be used to transport the bicycle trailer combined with market stall. Through the interaction of vegetable sellers and shoppers, stronger links to regional and organic food are developed. This in turn supports regional small farmer economy and reduces dependency in urban environments on long distance food transport systems which are disastrous for the environment.