Hello and welcome to the project Our Gardens Shall not be Divided: Youth Planting Seeds for a Sustainable Future. We are happy to invite 41 participants traveling from Germany, Ireland, Russia, France and Austria to come together in a Youth Exchange from 11th to 19th of April 2015 at our Brandenburg garden and guest house location. 

We spent 9 days in Kinderferien- und Tagungshaus Wernsdorf sharing skills, information and experiences with each other, running practical workshops in sustainable farming and food growing, exploring and learning from local biodiversity and ecosystems, and developing educational tools. We also exchanged on local experiences from the many places participants joined us from, heard about local struggles in Russia, Ireland, France and Austria to protect natural habitats and to remain in close contact with nature despite our societies in general becoming more and more isolated from it.

It is essential that food production becomes more responsible, safeguarding a diversity of species with unique qualities and that the current alarming loss of biodiversity, often caused by agricultural mismanagement irresponsible building and resource exploitation, is countered. We believe people should have a close relationship to where their food comes from, and that much local knowledge and local production is lost through mass agriculture and the removal of people from the land.

We were very happy so many of you joined us as we explored how to engage with these thematic in our own way, as farmers, artists, gardeners, tradespeople, teachers, students, activists…

This meeting’s costs were funded by Erasmus + „Jugend in Aktion“